“We want to create a healthy and nurturing space where the community comes together to learn and grow, develop and train. A place where art and culture converge, the talents and dreams of our visitors are nurtured and the possibilities unleashed.  We’re all about building vibrant, sustainable programs and projects that transform our neighborhoods!”
Jeanette Puryear,
President & CEO of MBSCC



The Andrew Freedman Home is a contemporary, collaborative space of artists, educators, technologists, and entrepreneurs committed to providing quality workforce programs and innovative education to marginalized populations globally. Originally an artists collective for Bronx based artists, the Andrew Freedman Home is now structured as an Interdisciplinary Residency, Incubator, and Artisan Workforce; focussed on youth and adult development through tutelage, mentorships, and entrepreneurship. Living with dignity of self and surroundings to become vocal, active, positive contributors of their community is the underlying purpose.

The mission of The Andrew Freedman Home Initiative is to create H.U.Bs globally, which provides innovative solutions and structures towards sustainable community development. Utilizing technology, art, and entrepreneurship the intention of the AFH Initiative is to reconnect and revitalize disparate international communities of color. It is equitable education in the built environment for All. Integrating emerging and experimental approaches towards schooling and the creative process AFH has a holistic vision of art-education that utilizes media production, immersive performance, and post covid-pod education. Our philosophy is ART for public engagement, activism, and social change.  The time period for projects is up to two years. Participants receive a studio space, sponsorship opportunity, professional career support and development, as well as the experience of interdisciplinary collaboration. Chosen participants in the AFH Residency are mandated to utilize their skillsets towards community development through educational workshops, mentorships, and our online Digital Library. Our vision is to  gather and empower an international community of Artisans of color to find solutions and common identity through art and technology, addressing the growing digital divide in marginalized communities.

Our Goals

Achieve organizational an operational excellence by thorough examination of the real estate property with the listed consultantship for current  programmatic use, building preservation, and future development.

Position Mid Bronx Senior Citizen Council’s community development model as a model for improving urban communities through art-education, food security, job creation, and economic sustainability.

Offer experiences that educate, empower, and contribute to the success of individuals and their social-economic well being as well as enable them to remain in their community.